How to Quit Smoking if You’re a Closet Smoker

Are you a closet smoker? Do you go through great lengths to hide your habit?

There are whole set of unique challenges that make it hard for the closet smoker to quit smoking. While those who are “out” about their habit can get cheered on and held accountable for their progress by their friends and family, the closet smoker often is isolated in their quest to quit.

One student didn’t want to let any of her friends know that she smoked, so she would go through such great lengths to hide her habit she would put on her dedicated “smoking clothes” and smoke outside. She said her smoking hoodie made her look and feel like “the Unabomber”.

Another student, prior to completing Nicotine Solutions program, told her husband she had quit smoking, but she hadn’t. One snowy day, her husband stayed home from work so she couldn’t sneak a cigarette all day. When he finally went to take a shower in the evening, she went out in the cold, barefoot and a flimsy nightgown, to sneak a cigarette. Everything was going great until the smoke billowed up to the open bathroom window and she was busted!

If you find yourself leading a double life as a closet cigarette smoker, using breath freshening spray and gum, changing your clothes, and sneaking out, the Nicotine Solutions program can help you.

Whether you are hiding this secret from your spouse, children, job, friends, or you just want to be a good role model, your life will be completely different when you leave the guilt and shame of your closet smoking habit behind.

Maybe you have already told your loved ones you have quit smoking. Maybe you previously tried and failed, or you feel that your habit would taint your credibility in your career. Among other professions, many doctors, dentists, fitness instructors, personal trainers, nurses and schoolteachers hide their cigarette addiction and quitting process to avoid scrutiny and embarrassment. When it comes to ending your dependence on nicotine, your secret is safe with me.

All communications will be discreet. If I email anything to you, it will be under my name, Lela Bryan, not Nicotine Solutions. I understand how hard this process can be and want to make it as comfortable as possible for you to quit. You will get continuous support in your process as long as you need it. My method works without any drugs and will not cause weight gain.

What are you waiting for, quit hiding in the closet!

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