Products you can purchase for side effects after quitting smoking.

Quit Smoking Side Effects Kit

Contents of Kit

1 bottle of Calms Forte
1 bottle of Beano
1 packet of Tums
Individually Wrapped:
10 Pro-Gest
8 Oral wound cleanser
6 Wake ups lozenges
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Classes Offered


Personal Assessment for Side Effects

Personal Assessment for Side Effects After Quitting SmokingThis is a class and a one-on-one assessment. We will create a personalized action plan to help you cope with the side effects of quitting smoking.
“Dealing with the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking Class” includes-

  • A Personal Assessment of all your symptoms
  • Suggestions of over-the-counter products or remedies to treat your specific symptoms
  • 1-hour meeting with Lela to go over your symptoms
  • Ongoing positive support
  • Videos of all the symptoms and treatment
  • Extra support if you fall off the wagon
  • Worksheets to keep track of your symptoms
  • Private group of people going through the same process of side effects of quitting smoking